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Sean Vivier

Science Fiction & Fantasy


Diabolical Plots on "The Chosen One Can't Lose"
"Loved the ending of this funny tale."

Songs of Eretz on "The Chosen One Can't Lose"
"Rarely does second person POV work this well, so bravo to Mr. Vivier."

S.C. Wade on "The Chosen One Can't Lose"
"I applaud Mr. Vivier for choosing to write the story in such a format."

Pickled Think on "The Chosen One Can't Lose"
"As an 80s kid, this send up of the genre AND the inevitability of The Male Hero's Quest really appealed to me."

All Points Between Science and Literature on Nanoism 406
"While much of Sean Vivier's nano-work is worth noting, this one carries a sting for all, not just for Pandora."

Locus Online on "Marduk's Folly"
"But the lesson is clear: it doesn't take the threat of the stake to suppress a Galileo."

SF Book Review on "Marduk's Folly"

SFRevu on "Marduk's Folly"
"Clever story."

SF Book Review on "Fallacious"
"Good... Funny."

SFRevu on "Fallacious"
"A cleverly written cautionary tale."

Denise Longrie on "Decennarchy"
"I rather liked this little tale..."

Sean Williams on "Decennarchy"
"...I'd like to live in this reality."

Charles Payseur on "The Hole Where Andy Used To Be"
"It's a gripping and haunting read, and it's definitely worth checking out!"

Tangent Online on "The Hole Where Andy Used To Be"
"Vivier cunningly makes use of an overused phrase to bring home how difficult it is to let go, even if you have never experienced loss."

Robert J. McCarter on "The Hole Where Andy Used To Be"
"It's HARD to tell a story in 500 words (with characters and things happening), but this touching little story nails it..."

Apparition Lit on "The Hole Where Andy Used To Be"
"I read The Hole Where Andy Used to Be by Sean Vivier (Flash Fiction Online, February 2018) on a dreary Friday morning at work, which is the perfect time for your eyes to fill with tears."

SFRevu on "The Hole Where Andy Used To Be"
"A beautiful, poignant tale."

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