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Sean Vivier

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Evolution of a Lost World

Your head hurts. That's the first thing that registers. The second is that you're flat on your back. Then that you aren't aboard the ship anymore. You feel soft, damp sand under your back. As you open your eyes, you see the sun through a lattice of palm fronds. You hear a rumble behind you. You twist to see a monstrous form rise from the water, where you now note your ship has beached in two useless halves. The rest of the crew and passengers lie dead everywhere.

The beast is some kind of sauropod, with wide shoulders and narrow hips, with a nasal crest and bony dorsal armor. A titanosaur, you realize. The latest descendant of brachiosaurus before the K-T extinction event. Only this one has even more armor than the fossils. A continuation of dinosaur evolution to present day.

It sees you. After a territorial cry, it marches toward you with clear hostile intent.

Do you RUN for your life or do you STAY and play dead? (Type RUN or STAY, then press Return.)

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