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Sean Vivier

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Future Is Epilogue

She's a slave. A slave in Utopia.

Her name is Dawn Samsa. She grew up in America. Her father a manager at a branch of Pilon d'Or Grocery. Her mother a Kukuana immigrant who raised Lilliputian livestock. Her parents claim she has some Picaninny blood. She went to a progressive school called Plumfield, then Miskatonic University, where she majored in fashion. Thus was born Samsa Designs.

She'd gone to Utopia on a business trip to sell dresses. She'd believed the lies about peaceful and tolerant Utopia. But fashion is vanity, and vanity is outlawed on the island. They chained her in gold and sent her to work.

There are two slaves to every household. Her companion is a Rokovoko man given the Christian name Gabriel, captured when Utopia conquered them to bring their idea of enlightenment. They're both laboring hard under the weight of their gold chains as they prepare to move the house. King Utopos X has determined that too many people live in the city of Amaurot, and the household must move to the coast, where the population is smaller.

It's as she packs the food in the kitchen that she uncovers an official government certificate: an internal passport. Without this passport, it is illegal to travel on the island. Gabriel gives her a knowing look, then nods toward the document.

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