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Sean Vivier

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Suburban Kaiju

It happened on your way home from school. At first, you thought it was an earthquake. You had to stop your bike in the middle of the street, the ground shook so. But it didn't make sense. You don't live on a fault line. The shock came again, then again. It was too regular.

You craned your neck. There, beside the water tower, rose a monster. Ivory dorsal armor surrounded a giant lizard of deep black scales with curved grey horns and a white leonine mane. Where it went, buildings fell in ruins.

As it stood in the wreckage of the mall, it opened its mouth wide. Its tongue rattled, and the sound carried far and wide, like the maddening roar of a plague of locusts. Darkness rolled across its body. And suddenly cars and broken support beams and people and even loose earth rose in a wide circle about the thing. When it closed its mouth and the air no longer shook, bodies and material fell. Several voices shrieked, and then stilled.

You already had a name for it in your head: Gravitas.

But this didn't make sense. A daikaiju in the suburbs? Daikaiju were supposed to attack cites, weren't they?

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