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Sean Vivier

Science Fiction & Fantasy


"Totemkill" in Daily Science Fiction

When a man runs over his totem animal.

"The Chosen One Can't Lose" in Daily Science Fiction

If all your actions are predestined, do you really have a choice?

"Marduk's Folly" in Analog, January/February 2015

Seeking exoplanets on a Super Earth.

"Bitten Women's Shelter" in Daily Science Fiction

The deeply unhealthy relationship between a vampire and a mortal.

"Democratic Weather" in Daily Science Fiction

The polarizing effects of voting on the weather.

"Fallacious" in Analog, July/August 2016

Restructuring the human brain to prevent logical fallacy.

"Mad Lib" in Daily Science Fiction

The reader's word choices determine the details of the story.

"Decennarchy" in Daily Science Fiction

Mystical beings appear once every ten years to take control of a town.

"The Hole Where Andy Used To Be" in Flash Fiction Online

Her husband is gone, but a void in his shape remains.

"Mining Titan" in Daily Science Fiction

When humanity enslaves the native lifeforms of Saturn's moon Titan, their children seek to free them and set it right.

"News From An Alien World" in Analog, September/October 2019

The first signals from extraterrestrial life come not from purposeful contact, but from their news media.

"The Economist's Sisyphean Task" in Daily Science Fiction

An economist and Sisyphus discuss the utility of his labor.

"Tornillo Memorial" in Daily Science Fiction

A school trip in the future.

"Aboard the Mithridates" in Analog, July/August 2020

A generational ship modifies its crew to handle the destination planet by slow degrees. But some handle the changes better than others.

"The Ones Who Don't Walk Away" in Daily Science Fiction

Some refuse to surrender to the corruption at the heart of their city.

"Ever Since the Rapture" in Daily Science Fiction

Life is better in some ways since the Rapture. But human failings still exist.

"The Wealth of Dragons" in Daily Science Fiction

A knight comes to liberate a dragon's wealth and finds more than he bargained.

"2020" in Daily Science Fiction

The writer of the year 2020 gets some constructive criticism.

"2021" in Daily Science Fiction

Sequel to "2020"

"Master Carver Builds A Debtors' Prison" in Daily Science Fiction

The apprentice of an anarchist Renaissance Man grows suspicious when his master acts out of character.

"The Tyrant's Statue Is Still Falling" in Daily Science Fiction

An alien despot's sculpture topples down the gravity well of a gas giant and evokes thoughts on the recent revolution.

"Web Accessibility for Aliens" in Analog, September/October 2022

A programmer faces obstacles when he tries to make the internet more inclusive for extraterrestrials.

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